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Long Beach Fire Department’s Recent Strike Team Deployment To The Station Fire

By Jackawa Jackson | September 7, 2009

During the early stages of the recent brush fires in the Los Angeles County Region the Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) honored a request for a (Type 1) mutual aid strike team, comprised of 5 Engine Companies, 1 strike team leader, and 1 assistant. This strike team was deployed to the “Station Fire” for approximately 72 hours, working 12-hour operational periods, from approximately 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Their primary responsibility was “Structure Protection”. Type 1 strike teams are specifically suited for this type of responsibility based on the fact that they are made up of Engine Companies where their “day to day” function is to protect structures, such as residential housing and commercial buildings etc.   The strike team leader reported that they were assigned a specific housing tract where they evaluated the area for specific fire hazards, made plans to initiate if the fire did in fact reach this area, and positioned each Engine Company in the most advantageous location to protect their area of responsibility. Fortunately the main body of the fire did not reach their location and they were demobilized and have returned to the city.   Currently the LBFD has provided 3 Fire Line Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) to the incident. These members are assigned to 3 different divisions and are supporting “Hot Shot” crews. In the event that any injuries occur, these EMT’s can provide medical treatment rapidly in the field. The LBFD also has a strike team currently on stand-by comprised of on-duty members and units available to respond in the event that the fire conditions change, or if any other major brush fires break out that would need mutual aid support.   This strike team would be deployed based on an evaluation of current conditions in the city of Long Beach and the resources available to address any current, or potential incidents in the city. If this strike team is deployed resource staffing in the city would be addressed by management, and filled by off-duty LBFD members.

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