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The Great Asparagus Container Fire Of 2009

By JJohnson | October 16, 2009

On the morning of Tuesday, October 13th a call came into Long Beach Fire Department for reports of a container on fire in the Port of Long Beach. The location was at the entrance to the ITS terminal at the end of Queensway Drive. Engine 6 was the first engine on scene and reported that there was no container on fire, but some significant heat was coming from the front of the container. The shipping manifest stated that the cargo was pallets of canned asparagus. The container was lifted off of the trailer and set on the ground for more of a stable platform. USAR6, Truck 1 and Hazmat and Engine 24 were also on scene to assist E6. T1 and E6 firefighters used the Partner saw to cut into the sides of the container. They cut 2 holes to get a hoseline into the container and check if there was any active fire. They found a couple of smoldering pallets full of canned asparagus and quickly dowsed and cooled them down. Total units on scene: BC1, Engine & USAR 6, Truck 1, Hazmat & Engine 24, PIO4

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