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High Rise Roof Fire

By JJohnson | May 11, 2009

On Monday, May 11th at 1pm, Long Beach Fire units were dispatched to the 400 block of Oceangate in downtown Long Beach for reports of a fire at the Union Bank of California. E 101 along with Truck and Rescue 1 were on scene within 2 minutes and initially reported "Nothing showing" and then went into to High-rise operations. E 101 met up with the buildings engineer at the alarm panel in the lobby, which showed nothing all the way to the 14th floor. E6 arrived shorlty after and reported they saw lite smoke coming from the roof. E 101 made their way to the 14th floor were they hooked up their attack lines to the buildings standpipe system and proceeded to the roof. Once on the roof they found a small amount of fire, which they knocked down quickly. There were  some roofers doing some work on the mechanical room on the roof. They were replacing the asphalt composition or what they call "Hot Mopping" the roof and some of that material is what caught on fire. It was an area of about 2 feet by 20 feet and E 101 along with Truck 7 and E20 took care of the fire and checked for fire extension, which there was none. All building occupants were evacuated and there were 2 minor medical incidents that were taken care of on scene and did not require transport. There were no injuries to firefighters. Total units on scene included: E 101, T1, R1, BC1, BC2, E2, R2, T7, E3, E24, Hazmat 24, E6, USAR 6, E20, PIO 4

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