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Fire Erupts In A Three-Story Hotel Downtown Three Victims Rescued

By Jackawa Jackson | September 3, 2009

At 11:34 on the morning of September 3, 2009, Long Beach Fire Department units were called to 63 Lime Avenue to a report of a structure fire inside the Green Leaf Hotel.  Engine 2 arrived on scene within 4 minutes and found smoke pouring from a second story window a 3-story center-hallway style hotel.  Engine 2 crewmembers, recognizing the high potential for residents to be trapped in the burning unit and hallways of these types of structures, rapidly stretched an attack line to the burning hotel room. Other Long Beach apparatus arrived on scene seconds behind Engine 2 and began assisting with a search of the involved unit.  Rescue teams found one male occupant disoriented inside the burning room and carried him to waiting paramedics on the street below. Shortly after, crews discovered two other male patients in the hallways complaining of smoke inhalation and assisted them to the street for medical attention as well.  The crew from Truck 1 provided ventilation to the structure in an effort to clear dense smoke from the hallways.  The fire was brought under control within a matter of minutes and through quick action, held it inside the unit of origin.  The 23-year-old male who was found inside the burning hotel room was transported to the hospital in mild to moderated distress.  The other two male patients did not desire transport.  Fires in center hallway style buildings pose a threat to not only residents of the involved unit but also bystanders who could be, and in the past have been, overcome by heat and smoke from the burning apartments.  LBFD equipment responding to this fire include Engine 2, Engine 1, Engine 10, Engine 24, Truck 1, Rescue 2, Rescue 10, Arson 1, Arson 4, and BC 1.  The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

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