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Long Beach Firefighters Museum

By JJohnson | October 11, 2009

Fire Station 10 was originally opened October 19, 1925 as a fire station and the departments repair shop. The building was left vacant when the new 10's opened next door on January 10, 1968 and the repair shop was integrated with the city shop in 1972. Chief Robert Leslie gave permission to Herb Bramley in 1980 to use the building for restoration or antique fire apparatus, and the museum was founded.  On September 24, 2002, after 3 decades of tireless work, the City of Long Beach voted unanimously to dedicate the LBFD Museum as the Herb Bramley LBFD Museum. The museum has over 14 vehicles on display dating back to 1890, most were in service with the LBFD. There are "run log books" from over 70 years ago. There is an extensive collection of firefighting tools and equipment and the walls are lined with pictures, tools, and a 100 year old life net. The nozzle display shows the different types of nozzles used and the numerous advancements made throughout the departments history. Inside the crews dormitory is a display of helmets and badges worn by firefighters world-wide. The mission of the Long Beach Firefighters Historical Society is to educate the general public about the LBFD and it's history, fire safety, and firefighting with the use of personal tours and one-of-a-kind collection and artifacts.

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