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Message from Fire Chief Ellis

By frhayes | December 23, 2009

Ellis_Fire_Chief_1 I want to wish everyone  a "Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year". With the dawn of a new decade for the Long Beach Fire Department, there is so much to be thankful for in our past and it will be an exciting time as many retire and members get ready to promote to their newly earned positions.   As you may know, I am set to retire at the end of December after serving 5 1/2 years as the Fire Chief of Long Beach.   My hope when I was appointed Fire Chief back in June of 2004, was to make an impact by leaving the Long Beach Fire Department better than when I was handed the reins.  As the 15th Fire Chief since 1897, there was much to be concerned with as we received budget reductions in each year I was Chief.  Through the hard work of all the members, we have continued to demonstrate professionalism and have provided all of our various services with pride and a strong customer service focus.   During my time as Fire Chief, the Fire Department has received strong support from two City Managers , two Mayors and many City Councilmembers from throughout the City that have supported us when decisions were very difficult.   Without so many people working together, I would not be able to point to so many successes in the last 10 years that I have been a part of the Fire Command Staff.  My thanks goes to all the members, those providing emergency services and the support to make it all happen, and sworn and non-sworn members working together to provide the best service possible.   We provide so many services that many times go unseen --  administration, fire prevention, community service, dispatch, disaster preparedness, community education, training and continuing education, marine safety, lifeguard services , boating safety, ALS & BLS transportation, all in addition to answering and responding to any type of emergency 911 call.   We will continue to see a great Long Beach Fire Department because of all of its members and the foundation laid by so many that came before us.   All the Best, Be Safe, Take Care of Each Other, Stay Healthy......... Dave

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