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Dramatic Swift Water Rescue

By Admin | February 26, 2011

  On February 25th at approximately 10:52 PM, Firefighters from the Long Beach Fire Department were called out to reports of a person “moving quickly” in the LA River @ Del Amo Blvd. A Swift water deployment was initiated and a joint effort between firefighters and lifeguards had begun. The Battalion Chief quickly requested LBPD Fox 2 for air support, search and lighting. LBPD Fox 2 scanned the entire LA River from Del Amo to Anaheim and located the victim clinging to a Metro Blue Line cement abutment. The swift water teams arrived at the location, instructed the victim to remain calm until they could reach him. One firefighter scaled the abutment, made positive contact with the victim, instructed the victim to place a helmet and floatation device on himself, secured safety lines on both himself and the victim and started the removal process. Both the victim and firefighter slowly moved, in unison, across the abutment and finally removed from danger by additional firefighters and lifeguards. These swift actions made it possible to quickly secure and remove the victim from harms way. LBPD Fox 2 continued to provide aerial observation and lighting throughout the rescue. The 40 yr. old male patient was transported, by paramedics, to a local area hospital for minor injuries and possible hypothermia. A total of 13 Fire Department apparatus and 40 personnel. Cooperating agencies included LBPD Fox 2 and Patrol Officers, Metro Blue Line Representatives, and LA County Flood Control Representatives. This incident took place in the 8th Council District.

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