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Jet Ski Takes Off Without It’s Rider

By Jackawa Jackson | March 26, 2009

At 1:58 pm on the afternoon of March 25, Long Beach Fire Engine 8 and Rescue Boat 1 responded to 5875 Appian Way to a report of a pwc (Personal Water Craft) requiring assistance.  The rider said that the throttle stuck in the “wide open” position.  The rider fell off, but the ski kept going.  The pwc raced all the way across the channel at approximately 60+MPH, hit the sand at the Girl Scout Base (under the bridge), skidded all the way up the beach, flew through the fence, and rolled across two lanes of traffic on Appian Way.  It stopped, upside-down, in the South bound side of Appian Way.  There were no injuries to the rider, bystanders or to emergency responders.  The only damage reported was to the pwc and the fence.

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