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Twin Engine Plane Noses In At The Long Beach Airport

By Jackawa Jackson | March 27, 2009

 At 6:44 am on March 26, Long Beach Fire Department units were notified by the Long Beach Air Traffic Control Tower of a Cessna with 2 persons aboard, having difficulty locking the nose gear on their twin-engine aircraft.  Crash units stood by at the airport fire station while the aircraft flew by the tower.  The tower observed that the nose gear appeared not to be in the down and locked position.  The pilot advised that he would attempt to land the aircraft while Crash units stood by at the taxiways.  The aircraft touched down and stopped on the runway, settling on its nose.  Crash units responded to the aircraft and found that the 2 souls on board had exited the aircraft unharmed.  There was no fire present.  A small leak of fuel was dripping from the vent hole on the left wing tip.  A protection hoseline was extended from Crash 5 and absorbent was placed on the ground to contain the leaking fuel.  The vent was plugged to stop the leak.  Personnel from Airport Operations and Airport Security arrived on scene to initiate the investigation.  Crash units were requested to lift the aircraft and attempt to lower the nose gear.  Airbags and cribbing were employed to lift the nose and lower the gear.  Fortunately, no injuries were reported to citizens or to firefighters.

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