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Long Beach Fire Department Responds To Large Sunken Catamaran

By Jackawa Jackson | March 31, 2009

At 7:15 am  on March 31st,  Long Beach Fire Boat 15 and Rescue Boat 2 were dispatched to a sinking vessel at Pier C Berth 57.  When units arrived on scene, they located a 115 foot Catamaran that had sunk at its berth and  was lying on it’s side in Channel 3 of the Port of Long Beach.  Initial actions by the  Long Beach Fire Department  were to confirm that there was no one was on board the vessel, monitor the water for any oil or fuel spills and to provide on scene vessel traffic control. The  US Coast Guard was on scene to monitor the vessel for any oil spills.  The owner arrived on scene and was arranging for private salvage operations.  There were no deaths or injuries reported with this incident.

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