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Gantry Crane Training 160 Feet Up

By Steve Yamamoto | December 9, 2010

December 6th marked another day on the calendar where the Long Beach Fire Department and Los Angeles County Fire Department teamed up for a multi-agency drill in the Port of Long Beach.  As one of the busiest ports in the world, the Port of Long Beach is home to many large pieces of machinery that can pose many unique challenges for the Fire Department in a rescue situation.  That said, it is extremely important that the LBFD and the LaCoFD train together from time to time to ensure swift operations during future incidents while providing for safety.

The drill took place at the Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) on top of one of the gantry container cranes perched over 160’ high above the ground below.  Participants in the drill were Task Force-6 (Engine-6 and Urban Search And Rescue-6), Engine-10, Rescue-10, and LA County Task Force-103.   A total of six evolutions were performed with the purpose of improving interoperability with regards to technical skills.  This was done while working closely with the stakeholders in the Port.  The evolutions consisted of a Victims Stokes rescue w/ paramedic attendant, two single rescue lowers, single rescuer rappel, live rescue lower, and a mannequin rescue lower.  The LBCT was very accommodating to our needs for the day and it served as great opportunity to practice with both agencies working together on a single incident.

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