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Arson Suspect Arraigned

By Richard Brandt | March 5, 2012
On February 29, 2012 at around 03:30 hours the Fire/Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms Arson Unit set up a surveillance operation in the area of 10th and Long Beach Boulevard. The surveillance captured Ronald Archuleta, 58 year old male transient, setting a large City of Long Beach trashcan on fire. Archuleta fled the scene and was captured inside a nearby convenience store by Long Beach Arson Investigators and Long Beach Police.

The LBFD Arson Unit is working with LA City Fire/Arson Unit regarding additional fires in the area of 7th Street and San Julian in downtown Los Angeles where the named suspect (Robert Archuleta) said he lived.

The Los Angeles DA filed four arson charges Friday afternoon with a bail of $ 200,000. The LBFD Arson Unit is currently working to prepare at least four additional arson charges to present to the DA next week.

The video shows the suspect approach the trashcan, look around to see if anyone is watching and set the fire. He then flees the location and is captured inside the convenience store on Long Beach Boulevard.

The photo shows the suspect in the minutes after he was captured.

LBFD arson investigators are asking anyone with any additional information on this fire or any other fires to contact the arson tip hot line (562) 570-2582.


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