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Fire Rescue Boat Called for Sinking Ship

By Steve Yamamoto | February 3, 2011

At 8:48 AM on Thursday, February the 2nd, Fire Rescue Boat 1 (RB1) was dispatched to Gangway 3 in Alamitos Bay for reports of a sinking vessel.  When RB1 arrived on scene within minutes, they found a large motor yacht approximately 85 feet in length was sitting several feet below the waterline. The Captain realizing the need for dewatering operations called for Rescue Boat 3, a Battalion Chief, and another Lifeguard to assist in the lengthy operation.  Lifeguards and Firefighters then boarded the vessel and setup their siphon eductors below deck to begin dewatering operations.  The ship was pumped for more than an hour by both Rescue Boats until it was brought back up to bilge level. 

The quick efforts of the Firefighters and Lifeguards prevented this yacht from completely sinking and possibly preventing any damage to nearby ships.  Health and Hazardous Materials was notified for the residual oil that was left in the engine room and the cause of the vessel sinking is currently under investigation. 

There were a total of 5 Fire Department apparatus and 7 personnel operating on scene of this incident.

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